Photo de Charles Larose, courtier immobilier résidentiel

Charles Larose

Real Estate Broker

Born in 1995 in Montreal and having grown up in the Ahuntsic Cartierville area, I have developed a strong sense of belonging to this beautiful city, which is as lively as it is vibrant. I always knew that this is where I would want to pursue a career and live my life. But in what way?

Having quite different interests, such as painting of all kinds (with acrylic brushes and spray paint cans), going from martial arts to traveling to as many places on earth as possible (about 35 cities on 4 continents at the moment), I was for a long time perplexed by the idea of what field I would be heading to. I undertook studies in various fields such as mixology, business management and visual arts without ever feeling that I was on the right track. I continued in the restaurant industry where I worked my way up through the ranks and finally turned to a job in administration in my father’s notary office. It was at this point that I discovered the world of real estate transactions and I felt it clicked in my head. Immediately, in 2018, I got started and took all the required courses. I finally received my residential broker’s license in December 2020 (covid-19 having greatly affected the delays).

Although I recently joined the industry, I intend to make my mark and maintain it by demonstrating tenacity, motivation, determination, composure and empathy, qualities that have always been attributed to me by those around me who did not hesitate to encourage me in my early days by calling on my services. I also greatly appreciate working alongside my father who is a notary. 

So here I am, writing this text for a superb agency that stands out from all the others by its values to which I adhere, ready to begin my career in the Canadian and who knows, perhaps international real estate industry?