Photo Joulnar El Husseini-McCormick

Joulnar El Husseini-Mccormick

Residential Real Estate Broker

I was born and raised in Syria, which is dependent on two cultures; Syrian and French. I studied History of Religions in Geneva (Switzerland) and then lived for about 30 years alternating between Switzerland and France. Having married a Canadian, I came to visit Canada and we decided to move to Montreal because it is a city I fell in love with right away.

I had two professional lives before getting into real estate. First I worked in Geneva as a project assistant in a chemical company that manufactures substances useful to the perfume industry.  Then I was a cultural interpreter for refugees, mostly Syrian, in Montreal. This last experience was very striking and allowed me to be at the forefront of listening to and understanding their stories, journeys, joys, and sorrows, and it could be quite poignant at times. One night, at the reception centre next to the airport, I met a Syrian woman who lives in Montreal. As our conversation progressed, we discovered that my grandmother was her French teacher in Syria and that she was the one who gave her a taste for the French language. It makes you realize how small the world is.

My third profession, that of real estate broker, came naturally. The broker who accompanied us during our search for our condo suggested that I start my own business and my passion for this profession quickly revealed itself. Passion is one of the essential qualities of a good broker, followed by perseverance and integrity.

In my spare time, I enjoy everything related to culture, music, dance, and literature. I still volunteer with newcomers to bridge the gap between them and their new city. I find that Montreal emanates an incredible and positive energy and diversity that immediately appealed to me. I love attending the many events offered in Montreal. I live in Mile End, a beautiful neighbourhood that reminds me of a village in the big city.