Patrice Dansereau

Patrice Dansereau

Real Estate Broker

Born in Montreal, I grew up in Outremont and have been living on the Plateau Mont-Royal for almost 40 years now. I worked for a long time in the publishing industry before becoming a real estate broker for more than eleven years now. Books and houses are still my current passions.

Working in the publishing industry, I had the opportunity to touch on all aspects of publishing and I therefore went through the entire book chain: from its manufacture to its distribution, including its creation and distribution. In turn, I have been: bookseller, publisher, broadcaster, relationalist and author. As a real estate broker, I like to touch many aspects of the business in the same way and that’s why I deal with residential and commercial transactions, in Montreal, on the Plateau as well as on the north or south shore.

When I chose to interrupt my involvement in the world of books, it was first and foremost to rediscover the pleasure of regaining human contact; my work as a bookseller had brought me a lot of satisfaction, and I discovered that working with both sellers and buyers could bring me the same joy, but with a much higher level of challenge. For more than eleven years now, the challenges have always been great and stimulating.

Because the work of a real estate broker is demanding, because you have to learn not to count your hours, because you have to be able to keep yourself available almost at all times, our leisure activities remain an absolutely essential period to maintain our balance. The time we spend with family and friends is essential and precious. In the very same way, I would add that the time when I can culturally “feed” myself is just as essential; in this sense, books have remained a cherished friend.

If it were necessary to name three qualities that are essential to a good broker, I would gladly name listening, listening and listening. If we really had to add to this indispensable quality, I would name the availability of a good worker, the emotional intelligence and talents of a good diplomat who possesses the savoir-vivre that is essential for good exchanges.

Having had the chance to travel a little bit around the world and cross some of the most prestigious capitals, I remember this first quality of Montreal: the people who live in this city know how to give it a unique colour that makes it possible to make Montreal a safe place where exchanges are easy and communication is direct. Montrealers’ bonhommie is the best anti-stress treatment available!