Simon Dugal courtier immobilier

Simon Dugal

Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Broker, since 2006

Born in Quebec City, I am a proud native Quebecer. I moved to Montreal in 1980 mainly for its multiculturalism. I love the fact that Montreal is a very versatile city and there is no better city to party in! Due to the fact that it is a multicultural city, it adopts some European style and offers very high gastronomy.

I have always loved real estate. For a long time, I used to buy houses, then renovate and sell them. I moved almost every year. After working for 18 years for Newlook Eyewear and becoming branch manager, I was starting to feel like I was between a rock and a hard place and I needed some changes. I came from a family of opticians so I had been in the business for a while. My desire to be my own boss so that I could offer the best of my skills, combined with my love for real estate and the public, led me straight to the real estate brokerage profession. I decided to make my passion my career and this, since 2006. Having moved frequently, I had worked with many different brokers and I found that many of them lacked professionalism, were not present enough and had negative attitudes. I feel that brokers need to bring more than just themselves and the advice of a broker to better judge the price and quality of homes is an important contribution. A good broker needs to be very available, a good listener and a good empathetic person. These are the characteristics of a good professional in my opinion.

In all honesty, all my clients bring me satisfaction and make me want to continue. I work a lot with newcomers and with each of my transactions, I like to learn their stories. Each sale is accompanied by a little anecdote and they are all beautiful. I’m lucky because I’m really passionate about the real estate brokerage profession, and this allows me to be 300% involved in each of my transactions. I consider that: “words must be translated into results or else they remain only words”.