Eponine Lutz courtier immobilier

Éponine Lutz

Residential Real Estate Broker

Real estate, a family story

I was born in France, with Italian origins.

After the war, my grandfather, Celso, who was a cabinetmaker, became a real estate developer. My father, an engineer, specialized in steel structure, did the calculations for the buildings they built together. My mother, Irma, handled the administration.

So I naturally was immersed in the world of real estate since I was a child. In fact, I owned my first studio at the age of eight!

I completed and managed home renovations in the South of France, the United States, Panama and recently in Montreal. I have been able to face and solve many problems from the general to the specific. Thanks to this experience, I have developed a holistic vision of real estate and I know how to anticipate and manage risks. 

This is how I wish to accompany and reassure my clients: by being at their service and offering them a comprehensive range of advice. Thus I know that they will be confident in their transaction. I want their investment to be as secure as possible so that they can simply come out of it happy.