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80% of Quebeckers want to renovate their home in an environmentally friendly way. We have transformed the reception of our real estate agency into a place of residence: the ecological showcase. When you enter our house, you enter yours. Ecohabitation has guided us through their EcoRenovation program. Our kitchen is certified Platinum and our stay is certified Gold.

Customers who choose eco-friendly renovations for their home will profit from higher resale value. Trustworthy partners, architects, contractors, cabinet makers, designers and craftsmen will host workshops throughout the year on various topics related to renovation.

We will guide you and explain how to implement your ecological renovations.

Stop by and meet us today!

Our Partners

The EcoHabitation EcoRenovation program can help you in making ecological choices when renovating your home. Directions are explained explicitly, step by step, in order to help you manage the renovation of each room of the house. You will find advice on how to divert demolition waste from landfills, where to bring materials, what reuse centers are, and so on. You will learn what type of coating to put on the walls and you will find suggestions on healthy and durable materials for floors and cabinets. You will also get advice on how to evaluate the energy efficiency of household appliances.

The Planning Tool helps you to make choices depending on the type of renovation you wish to implement. It’s simple, user-friendly and allows you to see how much water and energy you can save as well as your total GHGs. You can find all the detailed information at this address: www.ecohabitation.com/certification/renovation