A multitude of sales strategies, according to your real estate needs!

  • Photos taken by a professional
  • Promotional video
  • Publicity (magazine, social networks, traditional advertisement)
  • Home staging
  • And more!

For some time now, we have been integrating virtual tours to our services thanks to the  Matterport 3D technology. This system allows us to create a totally immersive experience to explore properties that are at the blueprint stage or already built. Customers can visit and discover properties in a 3D and 360-degree visualization, as if they were there in person, and this 24/7! Clients have the opportunity to view properties from the comfort of their homes, simply by accessing the web on their devices. They can also visit our offices which are fully equipped for an optimal virtual reality experience. According to REA Group, a leader specialized in the online real estate market, there’s a 95% probability that a buyer who saw a property via Matterport 3D will follow up with a phone call to the real estate agent.

You master the art of living; we master the art of selling!

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