Eco Broker Certification

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and buy a house or perhaps you simply need accommodation that best suits your needs. You may feel a bit overwhelmed by all the details involved- the real estate market seems very unstable and full of pitfalls … It’s normal to feel this way; buying a home is probably the most important investment you’ll ever make in your life. You want to move forward with full understanding of the business and the market.

You can find professionals out there who will guide and help you find that rare gem … Your future at home! I am referring to real estate brokers, as you probably already guessed.


What you may not know is that there is a whole new “variety” of real estate agents that may interest you! I call them EcoBrokers!

Indeed, in your daily life you choose to eat organic, bike rather than drive or compensate your carbon footprint when you fly. Or perhaps you pay close attention to what you put on your skin and make an effort to conserve water. Well, an EcoBroker is right up your alley!

Not only does he know everything about the real estate market, but he has also received special training in ecological, healthy and sustainable housing and renovation. He’s well equipped to help guide you in your real estate purchase as well as give you a thousand and one tips to improve the environmental balance of your home, make the right choices in renovations or create a healthier living space. And last but certainly not least, in order to obtain the EcoBroker certification, the agent must be seriously committed, on a daily basis, to be more environmentally friendly in his actions and in his practice.

Interesting, isn’t it? But what does this all mean exactly?

EcoBroker certification is geared towards environmentally conscious brokers who are also keen to stand out in the real estate market. To do this, they must pass through a serious accreditation process developed by Ecohabitation and Via Capitale.

  • Everything starts with training on the components of green houses, the elements of healthy renovation (air quality), the characteristics of the green house market (energy balance, etc.) and much more.
  • At the end of the training, the EcoBroker must pass a knowledge test to get certification.
  • An ÉcoBroker must also be committed to deploying eco-responsible actions in his day-to-day practice, such as promoting public transit or car-pooling, reducing paper use, offsetting greenhouse gas emissions, and sharing his environmental knowledge with the community.

Think an EcoBroker is the right choice for you? Don’t hesitate to go to the Ecohabitation website
here or contact Via Capitale directly, the EcoBroker certification is exclusive to them.

If you are a broker, know that until 2016, only Via Capitale offers this accreditation. Contact us to find out more today.
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Choose Via Capitale, to live a greener life. Guaranteed!