Romain Lecompte

Salima Karfa

Certified Real Estate Broker

It was in Lyon, the Gaul’s Capital and cradle of silk, that I grew up and studied accounting. Also, in Lyon, architecture is at its best and the city is dotted with incredible historical monuments that sometimes shelter the modern world such as universities, museums and other institutions. That’s where my love for stone was born.

Lyon is also a gastronomic Capital, and my culinary tastes flow from it. Although the quality of life is extraordinary, the attraction for Montreal life grew predominantly as the people from Quebec had already conquered me. Montreal was for me a place of both professional and spiritual accomplishment.

From my accounting background, I quickly turned to business creation, which enabled me to develop very strong analytical and management skills. From real estate investments and renovations to the management of various companies, my experience has always been focused on my clients’ satisfaction.

Real estate brokerage seemed obvious to me, because when I arrived in Montreal, which had been a dream for a long time, I had a deep desire to do something I really loved. Since I love being connected with people and stone alike, becoming a real estate broker was the perfect match.

For the past 10 years, real estate brokerage has motivated me more than anything else. A brief detour into finance confirmed this passion for helping people find a cozy little nest as a place to live.

The quality time I share with my family is vital to me and cooking for my loved ones is just as important. In order to improve the balance between work and family, I take a great deal of pleasure in the practice of sports. Until this year, running was my hobby to help me practice for a marathon and half-marathon.

The three qualities that I believe are essential for a broker are: being attentive, insight and empathy.

My favourite district is without hesitation Ville-Marie, with its architectural mix of both ancient and modern. The magnificent Old Port and the most picturesque Lachine Canal are incredible features. Montreal has a quality of life combination for both day and night. The various markets, restaurants, Victorian houses on the west side are just wow!!! The various festivals no longer have anything to prove as their notoriety has spread beyond the borders.

My favourite restaurant “IL BAZZALI”, an Italian restaurant where the chef, while cooking, sings opera… Enough to satisfy the palate and charm the mind.

As for my experiences with my clients, I remember that on one of my properties where I was a listing agent, a client (David) called me to make an appointment. After the visit, the property did not suit him, but he accepted that I do his research and represent him. I had organized a visit schedule, and I had a little idea of his probable favourite one. When the time came for the final choice, David opted for the product I was thinking of and when I told him that after all the information he had given me, I was sure that this would be the house in question he would choose, he looked at me and told me: “But, Salima, I didn’t tell you anything about my criteria!” It was at that precise moment that I realized what being attentive really brought from a relational point of view.