Charlyse Amoussou

Charlyse Amoussou

Residential Real Estate Broker

Originally from Benin, I moved to Montreal at the age of 19 to pursue studies in Biomedical Sciences. After my studies, I worked for 4 years at Sainte-Justine Hospital in pediatric clinical research. I loved working with children, but after a few years, I needed new challenges and I had always kept the real estate broker profession in mind. Indeed, when I was in Benin, I was in charge of my parents’ construction sites, either by taking care of everything concerning the purchase of materials, the safety regulations to be respected on the site or the management of the employees. The work sites became apartment buildings and I then took care of property management. For me, in business, it works or it breaks so to manage buildings in a universe where regulations are minimal, it was very beneficial to me. In my opinion, a good broker must be a good listener, a good collaborator and be very responsive. It is very pleasant to work with someone who is efficient and present.

Since I arrived in Montreal, I have enjoyed volunteering in various sectors. During my studies, I volunteered at the Université de Montréal to sponsor new international students and help them adapt to school and find housing, or at the Cepsum to encourage students to be more physically active. I also volunteered my time to babysit autistic children and provide time off for parents. Now that I live in the Town of Mount Royal, I volunteer for various activities organized in the neighbourhood and I accompany elderly people for medical visits or simply to provide them with company. Children and the elderly do not make me feel like I am working. I love giving back to my community and later on I would like to adopt 6 children: one from each continent.

In my spare time, I like to cook and rest a lot. Being a great food lover, I highly recommend Le P’tit Plateau restaurant.

One moment I love in my work is the closing hug. This is the moment when you finally feel the customer’s gratitude and excitement to undertake their new project.