Jean-Patrice Bourguet courtier immobilier

Jean-Patrice Bourguet

Real Estate Broker

Of French origin, but having lived in Morocco for 12 years, Germany for 3 years, France for 4 years, the United States for 2 years, Reunion Island for 1 year and Switzerland for 12 years, I finally fell in love with Montreal in 2004 for its people and its beautiful joie de vivre. Loving all that is human relations, becoming a real estate broker in Montreal was a natural choice for me. After more than a decade as a real estate broker, my passion for this profession is unfailing: I love my job! I also worked for many years in the restaurant and hotel industry, where I had the chance to experience virtually every department. The best part of my job is the customer contact. I like to meet new people, then follow up and know that I have been able to meet their needs.

In love with my job, I have been working 7 days a week as a real estate broker since 2005. For me, it is essential for an agent to listen, be available at all times and above all, not be stingy. I am always aware that the client puts his financial assets in my hands so that I can advise him on how to make them grow. The best publicity a broker can receive is from a client who is satisfied with his transaction and that is why I am always on-site to present the properties entrusted to me, I do not transfer my calls to the office reception and I offer a very personalized service.

If I had more free time for leisure activities, I would play more tennis, go to the gym and, of course, travel. Having lived in several countries for my parents’ work and then for personal interest, I got the urge to discover new places. So I would say that discovering new countries has become a passion for me. What I like best about Montreal is the mix and the acceptance of people with respect to differences. There is a lot of diversity and everyone lives in harmony.