Roderick Waked

Roderick Waked

Real Estate Broker

I grew up in Old Longueuil, in a small, tightly woven community. I came to live in Montreal in my early twenties because I liked the charm of the neighbourhoods and public markets such as Atwater and Jean-Talon markets, as well as Molson Park and the Beaubien cinema. I like the proximity of markets, cafés and shops as well as the energy that the big city offers compared to the suburbs.

I started my career as a real estate broker at a very young age. Indeed, after a certificate in Marketing at the HEC, I didn’t really feel at ease and the idea of going into real estate, with its glamorous side, made me dream. I immediately felt comfortable in my broker courses and spent my first year, at 23, with an experienced mentor. I learned a lot during that year and felt ready to start in the field on my own the following year. I mainly chose this profession because it related to a lot of things I loved. What I prefer is to be able to provide advice to my clients and find new potential in the properties. Sometimes the buildings are not in perfect condition, but there are many options and I take care of finding their best calling. I like the architectural side of the job, as well as marketing and negotiation. My Arab origins resurface during my transactions and I make sure to get the best deal possible.

At the beginning of my career, I was working very long hours to try to break into the industry and it was my first sale that really gave me the edge. I couldn’t sleep as I was so happy! I have become a better broker over time and now I consider that there are three main elements that make a successful broker really competent. First, he must have excellent knowledge of the market as well as the legal side, then, be very upright and honest and finally, be an excellent negotiator and communicator. With all of these characteristics, there is no reason why the level of service for clients should not meet expectations.

I feel particularly valued by the feedback from clients who have had negative experiences in the past and who have appreciated my services. Several customers have thanked me for my good humour and good nature and I am very happy about that. I like to feel that I have exceeded their expectations and standards and that I have done a job that meets their needs.

The weekends are simple: when it’s summer I play golf, otherwise I take the opportunity to do real estate visits for my clients. My other hobbies are very diverse, ranging from painting, meditation and yoga to sports such as volleyball, soccer and hockey.