Photo de Nathalie Clément dirigeant d'agence

Nathalie Clément

Agency Manager and Certified Real Estate Broker AEO

I am a native Montrealer from the West Island, but I have now been living on the Plateau Mont-Royal for 36 years. I am a lover of Montreal, for its central neighborhoods, its proximity to nature, its thousand and one restaurants, its neighbourhood life on a human scale. I enjoy it all. As a student, I was enrolled in the BAC program in French education at UQAM. I was already very fond of houses, heritage, design, and life! My boyfriend, a friend and I bought a small triplex on Le Plateau that we renovated. I loved doing the work and enjoyed getting involved in the project and working on the building. It was an American architecture course that made me change my professional path. I decided to combine several passions together and became a real estate broker. That’s what life is all about!

After several years, 7 in fact, as a broker, the opportunity arose to run an agency. I jumped at the opportunity to help change the image of real estate brokers by becoming a leader who is dedicated to training and inspiring real estate brokers to develop skills, guidance and a level of integrity that is above and beyond what consumers expect. This is what I am truly passionate about. I believe that every good broker should have respect, integrity, and curiosity.

The weekends are always busy for us, but in my spare time, I love to cook.

On Monday morning, I receive the customer satisfaction surveys completed by the buyers and sellers of my brokers. When I read the detailed comments of these people explaining how much they felt listened to, respected, helped, guided, with intelligence, compassion, dedication, integrity, and professionalism by my brokers, I tell myself that I belong here. I am proud. This reinforces my decision to choose every broker who joins my agency so that they are in line with my values and those of the other brokers in the agency. It starts my week off well!