Stéphane Costa

Real Estate Broker

I was born in France, more precisely in Provence, in Avignon, into a family of restaurateurs and hoteliers. Afterwards, I chose to pursue university studies in Paris, in literature and cinema. I chose to settle in Montreal essentially for the kindness and optimism of Quebecers, and for the quality of life that we cannot have elsewhere. It must be said that after 20 years in Paris, the feeling of space, the blue sky and the conviviality that we find here are very appreciable. Montreal is full of good restaurants, ranging from gourmet restaurants like Europea to small ethnic restaurants that don’t look like much but offer you a delicious taste experience. Because of my roots of cursed French I admit that I have a weakness for l’Express and its timeless Parisian brasserie looks and flavors. And the summer is full of festivals that delight all 5 senses.

In France, I first worked as a screenplay reader for television, then as a salesman and finally as a manager in a bookstore before opening my own bookstore . In Montreal, I created and managed a bed and breakfast for 5 years, called “Absolument Montréal.” This company has been ranked best B&B in Montreal on TripAdvisor and

I chose to become a real estate broker in 2007, because I always had an interest in real estate. When I was looking for a building to open a B&B, I observed the work of my real estate broker and I was able to see that the profession was much better organized here than it was in France and that the range of services offered by the broker in Quebec are much more extensive. The human relationship with the client is therefore richer and more rewarding. I believe that a good broker must be highly competent, honest and have excellent listening skills.

On weekends, I privilege my clients, it is often on Saturdays and Sundays that they have the most time for visits. On weekend evenings I like to dine with my friends, go to the theater, the circus, the cinema, or go bowl with friends.

My best experience with a client will probably be the one we will have together! With a satisfaction rate of 97%, I have already had many great experiences and I look forward to seeing what’s coming.