On the occasion of our agency’s 25th anniversary, our brokers wanted to share memories with some of their clients who have particularly marked them over the years. This week, our broker Chantal Gobeil tells us the story of her clients Christine and Dominique and their project to buy a historic house on Mercier Street, in 2007.

It was an English Queen Anne style house, really beautiful, but in very poor condition! We found ourselves in a multiple offer situation (two offers, which was very, very rare at the time!). This house belonged to an estate, the children having inherited it from their parents, and the other offer came from a buyer-contractor who wanted to demolish the house to make condos. Although the other offer was higher in price than the one from my buyers, I managed to get them to accept their promise to purchase, by putting forward their profile and that they were going to take care of the house and restore it to its former glory.

It was a beautiful transaction where the children-heirs and my clients were able to meet and exchange. Trust being the cornerstone of a real estate transaction, the sellers were very confident that my clients were the best buyers to bring back to life the house where they had grown up, despite all the important work they would have to undertake.

Christine and Dominique then completely restored the house, preserving all its character.

The titles of the property since the beginning of the 1900s having been transmitted to my clients, they were able to retrace the distant history of the property and its grounds.

They lived there for many years until their family grew. It has been sold at least twice since.

I accompanied them in the purchase of another historic house in Montreal East, which they also renovated. I enjoyed working with Christine and Dominique.

Chantal Gobeil, residential and commercial real estate broker

Thank you Chantal Gobeil for sharing this memory! Keep following our blog in the coming weeks for more stories.