You found your property, everything is signed, and all that’s left is to move! Regular movers will argue that it’s insignificant, but changing your address is often quite physical, and can be an administrative burden due to the numerous steps necessary to ensure that everyone knows your new address!

changement adresse MovingWaldo

Have a good night’s sleep and don’t worry about your upcoming move, we discovered a wonderful service that will make your life easier! It’s MovingWaldo, a free and practical website, which was created here in Quebec!

The way it works is simple, you just need to let MovingWaldo know your new address. Then, choosing from their directory of over 500 suppliers, select those who need to be alerted to your change of address. Verify everything, give your approval, and you’re done! You’ll have load­­s of time to prepare your housewarming party!

Don’t hesitate to explore the MovingWaldo website, which also offers useful tips and tricks to help you manage your move in the most effective manner. We bet that our customers will appreciate this new service, which is both helpful and fun!