It’s with a heart filled with love and pride that the members of Via Capitale du Mont-Royal would like to thank all those who attended our event on December 5th.

We are lucky to have people like you in our circle! Thank you to all the spokespersons for the media food drive who were present, namely Patrice GodinStéphane FalluJean-Philippe DionDanieleHenkel.tvAlexandre ChampagnePatricia PaquinAriane MoffattMélissa Bédard as well as Bianca Longpré, and especially, thank you to all those who gave their time, money and food to help the cause!

Here is a short video to remember this magical day!

Visite chez Via Capitale | La guignolée des médias

Via Capitale a accueilli nos porte-paroles lors de la journée de collecte et d'entrevues du 5 décembre dernier. Une visite qui donne de l’énergie! Merci d'être à nos côtés depuis toutes ces années ??

Posted by La guignolée des médias on Friday, December 13, 2019