At Via Capitale du Mont-Royal, the priority is obviously the client. Charlyse Amoussou, a residential real estate broker, has demonstrated this by taking the time to create a tool so that Montrealers can properly evaluate a property according to its location in the city of Montreal.

By using the legendary visual of the Montreal metro station map and by superimposing the median prices of condos and properties located near each metro station, she created a tool that is very popular with clients, future buyers or sellers.

In order to understand how she achieved this wonderful initiative, we asked Charlyse Amoussou a few questions about her process.


VCMR : We would really like to know how you came up with this idea. Was it an exercise you wanted to do for fun or, as a real estate broker, was it a tool you wanted to offer your clients?

CA : To set the table, I must say that I have a very passionate job that I love and that I can talk about for hours without getting tired. I love to answer questions on the subject and share useful and relevant information on the market and its evolution, in short to give tested and proven advice.

It all started when I decided to create video content to talk about my profession, to inform and educate people on everything that surrounds a real estate transaction and to answer all the questions. I contacted Julie Tristan from simulation workshop, because I had participated in several simulation workshops offered by my office and given by her. Julie agreed to accompany me in my video content production project. I quickly realized that the ease I had during face-to-face meetings with my clients no longer flowed in front of the camera. Guess what, I would freeze every time the lens was pointed at me, I discovered that it was no longer natural for me whereas in person everything was perfectly fine. In short, I decided to put the informational video project on hold while I continued to work on improving my skills. 

However, in the meantime, I still wanted to do something and have a presence on social media. So we came up with the idea of producing content in a different way by posting instead of video. The thinking led us to various projects and ideas. From my experience with both buying and selling clients, price is one of the most common elements that comes up so I decided to answer this question of price in my own way. This is how the median price maps per metro station came to be. This project came to the top of the list because it met my main objective of providing interesting information in a simple way. 

I would like to mention that the graphics were produced by Charlotte & Stella Productions.

VCMR : We’re curious, how much research and production time does this project represent? 

CA : In all transparency, I did not count the time. It took me a few hours… In the holiday season, confined, it was nice to move at my own pace. I’m always curious about statistics, the market, so I was looking forward each time I put time into the project. But, I’ll do the math next time for fun!

VCMR : This is a project that requires a lot of research! Did you have access to all this data because you are a real estate broker or could any motivated person find these numbers? 

CA : Great question! As a professional, we have access to this information because we compile it day after day in a database for each real estate transaction. This is how I was able to carry out the project.

Nothing is impossible so I won’t pretend that anyone can’t do it. The way I see it is this: if professionals can provide you with up-to-date and reliable information, why not invest your time in something else? 

Real estate brokers are there to do just that: we know the market, we know the properties, we know what buyers are looking for. We have access to much more information than you think! Ask us your questions.

VCMR : Have you thought about a follow-up to this project? 

CA : I am still thinking about it and am open to other ideas, partnerships. I am especially open to listen to people’s needs and to create tools to help them, inform them and accompany them. In the meantime, updates to the map will be made, as the metro stations are static, but the real estate market is evolving. I also offer on my social networks, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, more technical content for the more curious.

VCMR : This is such an interesting tool, have you thought of exploiting the idea to go even further? 

CA : Several discussions are underway, other projects are being considered. Sellers, buyers, you have needs, questions, formulate them and we will answer them through tools like this. We will always be of great help to our clients and future clients.



After this project, due to the growing popularity of the commuter network and at the request of our clients, Charlyse Amoussou has also created the same tool with the train network map

She invites all those who have not yet seen where these maps can be found to do so via her Linkedin account or to write to her to receive them for free. 

For homeowners who want to know where they stand in terms of price on the map, one can contact her to get a free evaluation of your property. 

Finally, Charlyse Amoussou reminds us that at Via Capitale du Mont-Royal, the real estate brokers are there for you, to give you the right information, with supporting evidence, in relation to a market that is evolving very quickly.