Today we are taking you to discover the St-Henri district: an integral part of the South-West borough of Montreal, it is bounded by Highway 720 to the north and the Lachine Canal to the south. Atwater Avenue connects it to another area of the South-West, Little Burgundy. 

It is very well served by public transportation, notably by the Lionel-Groulx and Place-St-Henri metro stations. Did you know that they were also connected by a green promenade, the Parc du Premier-Chemin-de-Fer?

A little history

A former working-class neighborhood, it was one of the first population groups to form outside of Montreal. Its population worked in the leather industry (it is not by chance that the old name of the sector was St-Henri-des-Tanneries), but also in the factories and on the railroads. The construction of the Lachine Canal and the Victoria Bridge in the 19th century made it the industrial heart of Montreal. 

St-Henri’s must-sees

The Atwater Market is one of the major elements of the neighborhood: with a very interesting choice of products that many Montrealers appreciate to the point that some come from far away to buy supplies.

Since the reopening of the famous Lachine Canal to boating in 2002, it has become one of the neighborhood’s must-see places: jogging, biking, walking, in short, this linear park lined with numerous bike paths is idyllic and very popular with Montrealers and tourists alike. 


Sustainable development and sustainable mobility are among the neighborhood’s top priorities. There are several community gardens in St-Henri as well as beautiful parks with fountains that are worth a visit.

Notre-Dame is the main commercial artery that crosses St-Henri: cafes (the St-Henri), art galleries, bars (Speakeasy Atwater Cocktail Club), restaurants (Foiegwa and Arthurs Nosh for brunches), pubs, convenience stores and vintage boutiques have made their home here. There is also the famous Quartiers des Antiquaires, which starts on Guy Street and extends to Atwater Avenue. Moving away from Notre-Dame, visit the Terrasse St-Ambroise bar, on the street of the same name. 

Real Estate in St-Henri

Thanks to the many revitalization programs that have been put in place (notably for the conservation of architectural heritage), St-Henri has been getting a second life for 25 years now. Many old buildings (former warehouses, factories or workshops) have been renovated and transformed into modern projects, while keeping the advantages of the constructions of the time: very solid industrial structures (mostly in concrete), large wooden beams and exposed bricks, wide corridors, high windows. The Quai des Éclusiers condo buildings and the Imperial Loft are excellent examples. Condos represent two thirds of the real estate pool in St-Henri. You will also find some typical and colorful duplexes and triplexes. 

St-Henri is definitely a resilient neighborhood, where citizen initiatives and the well-being of its residents are more than present. It’s a perfect place to choose your future home: the area is dynamic and lively, with a great neighborhood life. 


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