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While spring was slow to emerge, April was a particularly hot month in the real estate sector. We see it everywhere: property sales are happening faster than ever, and both sellers and buyers are benefiting!

According to the APCIQ, residential sales increased by more than 11% compared to the same period last year for the Greater Montreal area.

  • Condominiums: 17% more sales than last year, and an average value of 8% high.
  • Plex: 12% more sales than last year, and an average value 6% higher.
  • Single-family homes: 6% more sales than last year, with an average value of 5% higher

However, there has been a decrease in the number of listings in effect. In April, 21,111 properties were for sale, 17% less than in April 2018.  

First trimester data for Montreal by neighbourhood

Plateau Mont-Royal

  • The selling times are exceptional. Regardless of the type of property (condominium, single-family, duplex or triplex), sales are between 14 and 43 days less than on the same date last year!
  • The number of condominium, single-family home and triplex sales has fallen, but duplex sales have exploded by nearly 78%!


  • While it takes longer than last year to sell a single-family home and a duplex, condominiums and duplexes sell about two weeks faster than last year.
  • Sales of condominiums, single-family homes and triplexes are up (11%, 60% and 21.7%).


  • The sales times are also falling dramatically: condominiums are selling 23 days faster, duplexes are selling 5 days faster and triplexes are selling 66 days faster!
  • Sales of duplexes and condominiums increased (33.3% and 8.1%).

And elsewhere in Quebec?

This increase is not isolated, since we have been observing an increase in the number of transactions for 5 consecutive months! The QFREB Barometer data for the first trimester of 2019 also show that this is the case throughout Quebec.

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