Government measures, which have been in place since the beginning of the health crisis, continue to evolve as the days go by.

But what about notarized deeds? We give you more information in our weekly bulletin.

For all our clients, for whom we are ever-present at the other end of the line, we have developed two weekly reports in order to keep track of real estate news in the face of the recent turmoil caused by the Coronavirus. 

In our last column, our speaker Maître Couturier, President of the Association Professionnelle des Notaires du Québec, addressed the topic of notarial deeds, and more specifically on the implementation of the recently authorized electronic signature.

In fact, since April 1st of this year, notaries are considered by the Government of Quebec as essential players to conclude urgent and necessary real estate transactions. 


How to sign a notarial deed from a distance, 100% virtual?

Notaries can now sign deeds of sale by videoconference, “a revolutionary process in the real estate industry” according to Nathalie Clément.

Key elements to understand

It is essential that both parties accept this virtual procedure, it is necessary to be able to have videoconferencing, and to provide a digital signature.

Entrevue de Nathalie Clément & Maitre Couturier

Maitre Couturier, Présidente de l'Association Profesionnelle des Notaire du Québec, témoigne sur la mise en place de la signature à distance, autorisée au Québec depuis le 1er Avril 2020.Retrouvez l'interview complet ici :

Posted by on Friday, April 3, 2020

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