The pandemic we are experiencing has plunged our society into a crisis. All our habits have been disrupted, we are confined to our homes and have to restrict our communications with others. 

For some, a crisis heightens emotions, such as fear and anxiety. 

For others, it is an opportunity to take advantage of this climate of uncertainty.

This vignette is meant as a warning to the public, as there are currently investors who are prospecting and seeking to buy homes at less than their real market value.

Photo STOP attention aux offres

Whether by phone call or letter, they contact homeowners directly and offer to buy your home without commissions and without real estate brokers.

These investors know that when we, as brokers, offer a property for sale, we have an ethical obligation to perform a market value estimate in order to obtain the best price and the best conditions for our clients, so bargain hunters will be in direct contact with people who are unaware of the true value of their home.

With house prices having soared in the last 3 years, many homeowners are extremely surprised when we tell them that their home is worth, $50,000 or even $100,000 more than they thought it was worth. 

So if you receive this kind of proposal, talk to your family and friends before accepting anything.
Wait until after this turbulent period before making major decisions.

Remember, dear customers, that despite the confinement, we are at your service and always at the end of the line! Do not hesitate to contact us at 514.597. 2121, we will be happy to answer all your real estate questions.