This week on CIBL’s Les Oranges Pressées, we come back to a global phenomenon that revisits the philosophy of traditional life, I named the mini-houses, or tiny houses!

These small houses of 500 square feet or less have caused a real craze around the world. And for good reason, as they are reviving the idea of living with less, rethinking the notion of minimalism and placing eco-housing on a pedestal. Representing the extremely romanticized idea, like a daydream of a perfect, practical and refined little house, this concept will nevertheless make people happy as well as unhappy!

Intended for a vast clientele ranging from the younger generation to the oldest, not living in a mini-home that so chooses. Indeed, since common areas are much smaller than in a standard home, living together can be complicated. Not to mention the unexpected space for a pregnant woman or a growing family. Moreover, reduced surface area means less privacy, sometimes leading to couples’ quarrels.

From an architectural point of view, the tiny-houses have terraces as large as the house itself. In other words, most of your time is spent outdoors, a complex thing in a city like Montreal with long, harsh winters!

Moving into a small house also means being ready to make a radical change in your lifestyle.

It will be necessary to make concessions because given the size of the house, 9/10th of your belongings cannot be placed in the new property. That said, it’s a very good challenge to force yourself to keep only the essentials!

Ryan Mitchell‘s blog explains well the compromises that living in a tiny-house implies when he discusses the 20 feelings (good and bad) that the owner will have once he has settled. If you are one of the 50% of people who say they find this concept great, you will certainly agree with the undeniable advantages of these tiny homes. The small size of the house means that the housekeeping portion is minimal and that development and renovation concerns are also reduced. The ecological aspect is considerable and will delight the eco-soul.

Are you interested in the experience?

Know that such a property costs $28,000 and that if you realize that this life is not for you, it can be resold for $30,000, so without loss on your investment.

Finally, whatever the size of the property you want, find out about the conditions to always buy with full knowledge of the facts!

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