Less than a week after the announcement of the home inspectors’ return to work, it seems like a lifetime had passed!

  • The AIBQ’s guidelines are followed to the letter.
  • The inspector is no longer accompanied by his buyer clients, brokers cannot be present, nor can the seller.
  • The required equipment is unusual, the gestures different, in short, the inspector is alone in front of his building.
  • He will be able to carry out his physical inspection more quickly, but will have to spend much more time writing the report so that buyers understand the problems.

What does the inspector miss the most? The human rapport because of the absence of his client’s physical presence and also from a pedagogical point of view.

Listen to the interview here:

??Facebook live, tous les vendredis à 15h00, L'interview immo : Les premières inspections en tenue protégée.Animée par Nathalie Clément, DA Via Capitale du Mont-RoyalAvec Serje Clément, Inspecteur en bâtiment

Posted by radio-immo.ca on Friday, April 24, 2020