How is post-confinement return in three French-speaking countries?

The return to work in our respective countries is similar and different at the same time.

  • What has changed in our relationships with our buyer and seller clients?
  • What new practices have emerged in France, Belgium and Quebec?
  • How will this pandemic affect both the quantity and value of home sales?
  • And finally, what will the real estate broker be like in the future?
  • And how will agencies develop?

Let’s see the avenues of solutions and discussions between our colleagues from 3 countries and 2 continents, Nathalie Clément, AM of Via Capitale du Mont-Royal, Jean-Laurent Lepeu, president of MLS Côte d’Azur and Caroline Lejeune, president of Federia with the host Jean-Marc Welsch, director of Radio-Immo.CA and president of IMMO SQUARE.

IMMO sans frontière, la sortie de crise au Québec, en France et en Belgique

??Facebook live,, Expériences comparées entre les 3 pays. Est-ce qu'une organisation de type MLS impacte la traversée de la crise et surtout l'avenir ?Invités : Nathalie Clément, DA Via Capitale du Mont-RoyalJean-Laurent Lepeu, Président MLS Côte d'AzurCaroline Lejeune, Présidente FederiaAnimateur : Jean-Marc Welsch, Directeur Radio-Immo.CA et Président IMMO SQUARE

Posted by Via Capitale du Mont-Royal on Tuesday, May 19, 2020