Recently, at the invitation of the Quebec Federation of Real Estate Board (QFREB), I accepted to participate in a video to highlight the importance of some of the expertise that our Federation has developed for us and our clients over the years.

Our industry is in the midst of a transition, which saw the creation of a new member association in January 2019, the Quebec Professional Association of Real Estate Brokers (QPAREB). A new entity has been created that will promote all of us, as brokers and agency managers, throughout Quebec. A beautiful vision, direct management by us, brokers and agency managers, a more flexible model that brings together all Quebec members to make our voices heard.

This shift requires that the existing entities agree on new operating procedures and that they be provincial, so that all of this can be carried out efficiently. During the inauguration tour of the QPAREB last week, we were informed that the 2 entities had reached an agreement at 99%, but could not reach a complete agreement, due to administrative modalities of provincial representativeness.

What is currently proposed by the QPAREB is the complete dissolution of the QFREB, which will be discussed at a special meeting next April. There are people whose expertise and skills are undeniable at the QFREB and it seems to me that it would be in all our interests to integrate this expertise into the QPAREB. I sincerely hope that we will encourage our leaders to finalize the few outstanding points so that our new association can integrate all the knowledge that has been accumulated over the years at the QFREB and so that we can continue to put this expertise to work for our clients and to be recognized as a valuable asset!



Nathalie Clément, agency director.

Via Capitale du Mont-Royal