After spending hours working in your living room, you probably want to push back the walls of your home?

 While municipal by-laws limit the expansion of duplexes and triplexes, some condos could propose new solutions to their clients in order to expand their work space.

Jean Marc Welsh and Nathalie Clément discuss the recent limitations on the conversion of duplexes and triplexes into single-family homes. These changes are taking place in certain boroughs and central neighbourhoods of Montreal, and they shed light on this subject.

  • For what reasons were these regulatory measures taken?
  • Under what conditions will the expansion be authorized? 
  • What will be the consequences for the City of Montréal?
  • What will be the consequences for residents who want larger housing?
  • Are all neighbourhoods affected?

Finally, it may well be that COVID-19 will have an impact on Montreal condos. They discuss the latest creative ideas, including the “Zoom Room”. The promoters are imagining common spaces with an environment conducive to teleworking.

If you are wondering about the new regulatory measures that have been put into place, feel free to contact a Via Capitale du Mont Royal broker.

Note that the recording is in French.