After two years of effervescence, the profession of home inspector has been in total standstill since March 15. 

This virtual meeting with Serje Clément and André Dumont, both home inspectors, was an opportunity to learn more about the return to work following the pandemic.

Thinking of oneself and others

As the Coronavirus spread, it became stressful to go into people’s homes, knowing that exposure had to be minimized, they became hesitant when they had to visit 6-plexes without being able to clean between dwellings. Serje became aware of this when he was at an elderly person’s home with 3 other people for inspection. He realized the risk that this could present for this senior. 

Now that the inspections are banned, both inspectors believe that it is necessary to impose some conditions on the return to work to ensure that the virus is not spread again.

Technology as a solution

Could “videoinspection” become a trend? Indeed, social distancing also means limiting the number of people present during the inspection. If the physical presence of the inspector is obviously essential, the physical presence of others is not. It is then possible to carry out inspections only with a buyer and the inspector. The homeowner could answer the questions asked during the inspection on live streaming video. Concerning the relationship with the broker, it is also important that he be present virtually during the inspection to see and understand the process, in addition to the reading of the report. In addition, limiting the number of people around the inspector is beneficial so that he can do his job properly and concentrate.

Choosing the inspection zones?

The question also arises as to how the activity will be conducted in full or in part, since some areas of a building are more at risk than others. For exterior inspection, the risk seems minimal: probing the concrete or going on the roof does not require contact. This becomes more complicated in the living areas with the handling of taps, intakes and toilets which are sources of contamination. The same applies when entering a bedroom from which the person has just woken up: is the presence of a mask enough? Should we then proceed initially by sampling, or do nothing while waiting for new instructions?

A course at the ETS for training

To answer the new questions raised by the situation, we will have to wait for the directives of the AIBQ (Québec Association of Building Inspectors )). The ETS is currently in the process of implementing a mandatory course so that inspectors know how to practice when they resume their activities. There is also some question as to whether the resumption will take place after the originally scheduled date of May 4. Should we then prioritize those who need accommodation on July 1st and ask those who intend to shop to wait until later?

COVID19 et inspection en bâtiment : quelles conséquences ?

Nathalie Clément, DA Via Capitale du Mont-Royal pose ses questions à 2 inspecteurs en bâtiment, Serje Clément et André Dumont.La crise actuelle bouleverse les usages….

Posted by on Friday, April 10, 2020

Inspectors, like us, have questions that we will try to answer as the situation becomes clearer.

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