The Plateau: a neighbourhood whose reputation is already well known to those who settle in Montreal. It represents an ideal choice for many of you: located at the foot of the city’s lungs while benefiting from a rich cultural offer and numerous small shops and restaurants, its charm is undeniable. Very well served by public transportation, access to downtown is in no time at all. It is thanks to all this balance that the quality of life there is higher than elsewhere.

When you start your real estate project, you may be confronted with a large offer of real estate agencies and brokers in this area. Via Capitale du Mont-Royal is one of them and it is in order to know us better that we propose this article to you.

More than 20 years of expertise

Our agency was founded more than twenty years ago and its success continues to this day. During this time, we have built a solid reputation that will be easy for you to verify.

Thus, the brokers who adhere to our banner are reliable professionals who share our values. Doing business with us means feeling confident with people who know the neighborhood and the market in detail.

If you have already benefited from our guidance, you can help our future clients make the right choice by sharing your experience.

A human approach

Our brokers know that your involvement in a real estate project can bring its share of uncertainties. This is why we are committed to being available to answer your questions and to being responsive to the volatility of the market.

Thanks to our listening, our clients’ testimonials have earned us the Customer Satisfaction Award twice in a row.

To each their broker

Far from being uniform, the profiles of our 80 brokers are as different as those of our clients. Coming from the four corners of the world, it is highly likely that you will discover the rare gem among them: the one who will understand your needs and find the property you have always dreamed of. You can take the time to get to know them by going through their presentations, and contact us when your choice is made!

Aim for the top! By choosing to work with a member of the Via Capitale du Mont-Royal team, you are choosing to work with the spirit and energy that animates the heart of the Plateau.