Why so many French people choose to live in Quebec

Friendship between France and Quebec has never been stronger. More and more French people are going into exile in “New France” and it is more accessible than we think. Whether it is to find a less stressful climate or to experience the excitement of the first snows, Quebec seduces. The K-Way is abandoned for the Canada Goose and the different expressions Quebec-France are discussed during a “supper”. 7 good reasons to say “Québec mon amour !”

1- A top quality of life

Quebec offers salaries comparable to those in France with the small plus of being less greedy in terms of the cost of living. Settling in Quebec means saving money that can be spent on poutine and beaver tail!

2- Outdoors and outdoors again

All you have to do is get away from Montreal to discover all of Quebec’s natural wealth. Whether it is the Eastern Townships with its omnipresent nature or the Gaspé Peninsula and its romantic landscapes. Foresta Lumina offers a magical experience in the heart of nature.

3- Winter

It is said to be rough and difficult, but once tamed, it adds charm. There are lots of activities to do in winter. Whether it’s skiing or the delicious maple taffy, there’s something for everyone.

4- Beautiful people

Quebeckers have a reputation for being warm. Known for their openness, you will quickly feel at home. You will not get away from the exchange of expressions, and expect us to underline your “du coup”.

5- Good gastronomy

Cheese lovers will be served as Quebec won the prize for the best Camembert in the world. Beer lovers will also find something for everyone with all the popular microbreweries. IPAs seduce the finest palates of the old continent.

6- A rich cultural landscape

In cultural terms, Quebec stands out from Canada. Preserving the French language protects against American influence. Beyond Celine and Garou, there are plenty of original artists to discover.

7- Because we love you

Despite the teasing about your accent, your French touch is appreciated. Quebecers love to discuss language differences with you and take you to their best outdoor spot.

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